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Mohra General Trading LC

Mohra General Trading LC was established as a sole ownership in the year 2021. It was founded by a very young and dynamic man, MR. ATEF ELNAJJAR, a Chairman and the prime mover of all company business activities. The company is young as it seems today, but the people behind company progressive operations and still counting years, can by no means be considered inexperienced, as their individual backgrounds in the good deliberation of services in comes for good quality products.

Our BUSINESS is deeply rooted, applicable and expertise in various fields for LOCAL and INTERNATIONAL TRADING Sector.


  • Our Mission

    The mission of the company is to contribute for the quality of services for all sectors trading industry, through its specialized capabilities and expertise in supplies, and further enhance the value of its services.

  • Our Vision

    Mohra is continuously widening their growth and expertise in the Trading Market. With the expansion of involvements of deferent division of trade Industries, the company aims to attain own Mohra Brand in the market this year.

There is some reason behind why people choose Mohra General Trading past 13 years for their business solutions.


Years Of Experience

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Best Consultants

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Awards Winning

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Happy Clients

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Our Achivements

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